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Fire Extinguisher & Fire & Emergency Warden Training - HAMILTON

Fire Extinguisher: NZQA Units 3271 & 4647 & or Fire Warden: NZQA Unit 18408
Thursday 15th April 2021
Where  ATC Campus - Trades Building, 21 Ruakura Road, Hamilton View Map
Who Imone Volschenk

We provide Fire Extinguisher & Fire & Emergency Warden training on 1 day.  They are both 4 hour training sessions.

Fire Extinguisher training is done in the mornings and Fire & Emergency Warden training is done after lunch.

You have the option to choose which one you'd like to book your trainee on or you can book your trainee to complete both the courses over the 1 day.


Fire Extinguisher Training: NZQA unit 3271 & NZQA unit 4647

This training covers both units 3271 & 4647.
Key outcomes:
  • The fire triangle fire and principles of fire suppression and the different classes of fire.
  • How to identify fuel and potential fire hazards in the work place.
  • Understand the range of flammability and terminology associated with fire science.
  • Offers a strategy when dealing with a fire outbreak, how to select extinguishers and safe suppression techniques.
  • Covers the risks associated with using a hand held extinguisher and possible adverse consequence.
  • How to practically extinguish a fire using a portable extinguisher.
Fire & Emergency Wardens in the Workplace Training: NZQA unit 18408
Key outcomes:
  • Understanding the Legal Requirements: Fire Service Act 1975 and Fire Safety & Evacuations of Buildings Regulations 2006.
  • Understand Approved Fire Evacuation Scheme and Evacuation Procedures.
  • Recognise all types of emergencies.
  • Human behavior when confronted by an emergency.
  • Procedures for a safe evacuation of occupants.
  • Duties of key personnel Senior/Floor/Building Warden.
  • Preparing the building or work site for an emergency.
  • Assembly points and places of safety.
  • Fire prevention, detection and warning devices.
  • Workplace audits to ensure safe and speedy evacuation.
  • Maintaining a Visitors Register and a Disability Assistance Register.
  • Knowledge of companies own procedures.
  • Highlight best practice within industries.
  • Simulated evacuation drills (where applicable).
We provide Fire Extinguisher & Fire & Emergency Warden training on 1 day.  They are both 4 hour training sessions. Fire... more

Fire Extinguisher Training $85.00 +GST
Time: 8am -12 noon, US.3271 & US.4647

Fire Extinguisher Refresher $85.00 +GST
Time: 8am-12 noon, for those who already hold US.3271 & US.4647

Fire & Emergency Wardens in the Workplace $85.00 +GST
Time: 12:30pm - 4:00pm, US.18408

Fire & Emergency Warden Refresher $85.00 +GST
Time: 12:30pm - 4:00pm, for those who already hold US.18408

Fire Extinguisher & Fire & Emergency Warden $170.00 +GST
Full Day 8:00am-4:30pm, lunch provided. Covers US.3271; US.4647 & US.18408.

Fire Extinguisher & Fire & Emergency Warden Refreshers $170.00 +GST
Full day 8:00am-4:30pm, lunch provided. For those who already have US.3271; US.4647 & US.18408

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